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Charlotte, NC

Sheila helped me to sort out concepts and set priorities in my role as President of our Board of Directors. We identified the issues that needed to be addressed and then solutions to actually get processes started immediately. Her follow-up with me kept me focused and on task.
– Gary Byers
Board President
Associates for Bible Research

Executive Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Our executive coaches are results-driven professionals who help leaders achieve new levels of productivity, profitability, and performance.

  • Executive coaching establishes a relationship based on trust, collaboration, and integrity focused on the needs and growth of the executive.
  • Highly trained and experienced executive coaches work in a one-to-one basis with organizational leaders.
  • This service is available in person or by telephone scheduled to meet the executive’s timetable.
Together, the coach and executive define measurable objectives. Through regularly scheduled one-to-one sessions, the coach assists the executive in developing strategies and action plans intended to achieve their goals. And the coach acts as an accountability partner by monitoring progress towards implementation of the action plans.

The most successful clients communicate honestly with their coach, are open to feedback and assistance, and commit the time and energy to fully participate.

Team Coaching

Coaches work with teams to help them understand their strengths and increase their effectiveness. Team coaching is most often used to enhance team performance and results, resolve team conflict, and improve team communication.

One-on-one coaching of the team leader enables more effective performance by the entire team.

Individual, Team, and Organizational Assessments

A variety of assessments are offered to establish a platform for individual or team coaching. 360 assessments analyze information collected from an executive’s peers, superiors, and subordinates in order to identify and leverage relevant competencies.

Specific assessment tools are selected based on company objectives.
Experienced, certified coaches administer and provide feedback on all assessments including:

  • Management Research Group LEA (360)
  • Human Insight AEM Cube (Agility and Stability)
  • Personal Strengths Publishing SDI (Conflict Style)
  • Human Synergistics LSI (Leadership) and OCI (Culture)