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Charlotte, NC


Organizational Change Management

Organizational change management ensures that the new processes resulting from a project are actually adopted by the people who are affected.

Articulating the case for change

We work with top executives to clarify and communicate a case for change that motivates and mobilizes the entire organization.

Formal risk assessment

Before the organizational change is launched, we assess the human risks associated with the proposed change, and develop strategies to mitigate those changes.

Developing sponsorship

We work with the top executives to identify the individuals whose sponsorship is required in order for an organizational change to meet its business objectives. We develop strategies to develop, maintain, and leverage sponsorship.

Transforming organizational culture

We assess the current organizational culture, and determine the level of alignment with the desired organizational change. When needed, we design a program to transform the organizational culture.

Managing resistance

We anticipate resistance, and apply best practices for surfacing and addressing the inevitable resistance that occurs during organizational change.

Integrated change management plans

Working closely with top management and the organizational change team, we design integrated change plans that include ongoing monitoring and measurement of results.