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“Sheila is a great executive coach. She is honest and direct; blunt but in a positive way, intuitive and good at reading people and situations. Sheila cuts to the meat of the issue, is straightforward in delivering tough messages but in a productive manner. She has a great ability to read people and grasp situations even though she did not have extensive knowledge or interaction with the company.”

Anita Beier

"Sheila's ability to challenge executives and assist them in their growth and accountability is second to none. She is able to pull from both your strengths and weaknesses to assist you in pushing the envelope in both your professional and personal development. She cares deeply about your success."

Bill Heintzelman
ECW Advisors

"Sheila helped me to sort out concepts and set priorities in my role as President of our Board of Directors. We identified the issues that needed to be addressed and then solutions to actually get processes started immediately. Her follow-up with me kept me focused and on task."

Gary Byers
Board President
Associates for Bible Research

““When I met Sheila Cox, she immediately and personally reached out to me in a friendly manner. She is very genuine and authentic. Sheila truly listened to me and got to know me. She has helped me look at my business, my life and my intentions in new ways. Sheila provided actionable recommendations that altered how I was viewing my business and personal issues. As a result I have new energy, focus and success in my life.”

Jim Beauchamp
Software Consortium, Inc.

"Sheila Cox is a superb executive coach. Sheila is my 'go to' person when I am working complex organizational challenges. She has a gift for listening – an ability to hear what is said and more importantly, what is not said – and applying her vast experience to getting me to the best solution. Sheila is one of the best coaches I have met – a critical success factor for all C-level executives!"

Judy Carr, Ph.D.
CEO & Founder
Envision Consulting, LLC