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Charlotte, NC



"We hired Sheila to assist us with the delivery of high-profile KPMG Consulting training programs. What we got in return was a knowledgeable, highly skilled partner who enabled us to provide the very successful Business Performance Improvement program -a business case scenario application training. Her expertise in change management and her honed facilitation skills made her an invaluable asset to our team. Sheila always aspired to bring the learning experience to a new level and went above and beyond to supply us with meaningful templates, examples and tools. It was a privilege to work with Sheila."

Susan Smith

"Sheila was a leader and innovator in Nolan, Norton's Change Management Practice, providing a key enabling capabilities to our process re-design clients. She did this in the early days of BPR, before most understood the importance of change management to cultures, roles, responsibilities and general governance.

"She brought to her work a combination of practical business experience, subject matter knowledge, and the insight and instincts that separate the truly effective consultants from those that can only follow a recipe-book of tasks.

"She's funny, too. A joy to have worked with."

Doug Brockway
CXO/CIO Advisory | Program and Project Management | Modeling & Analytics

"Sheila and I worked together at Nolan Norton and have stayed in touch ever since. I continue to be impressed with her unique blend of client focus, expertise, and authenticity. Sheila is an active listener, and does a great job summarizing and verifying problems and issues. She is persistent but not dogmatic. Her experience is rich and deep. Clients don't just respect her, they love her."

Bob Sadler
R Sadler Consulting, Inc.

"Sheila, Bob Sadler, and I started the Global Change Management practice of KPMG. Sheila's organizational and management savvy, coupled with her intelligence and wit were key to gaining access to senior partners in KPMG and in dealing with a myraid of clients. She is sharp, creative and exudes confidence and experience, especially with board level executives.

"She is a superb trainer, presenter and consultant who is able to take in a mix of seemingly unrelated input, synthesize it and generate workable alternatives that will get the client where they need to go. Sheila's focus is in meeting client needs and is self-less in working toward their ends.

"She is a super person and consultant."

Mitch Kotula
Development Plus

"Sheila's ability to challenge executives and assist them in their growth and accountability is second to none. She is able to pull from both your strengths and weaknesses to assist you in pushing the envelope in both your professional and personal development. She cares deeply about your success."

Bill Heintzelman
ECW Advisors

"Sheila helped me to sort out concepts and set priorities in my role as President of our Board of Directors. We identified the issues that needed to be addressed and then solutions to actually get processes started immediately. Her follow-up with me kept me focused and on task."

Gary Byers
Board President
Associates for Bible Research

"Sheila Cox is a superb executive coach. Sheila is my 'go to' person when I am working complex organizational challenges. She has a gift for listening an ability to hear what is said and more importantly, what is not said and applying her vast experience to getting me to the best solution. Sheila is one of the best coaches I have met a critical success factor for all C-level executives!"

Judy Carr, Ph.D.
CEO & Founder
Envision Consulting, LLC