Speaker, Author, Technology Adoption Strategist

Sheila Q. Cox

Sheila Cox is a pioneer in the field of change management and co-author of The Technology Takers: Leading Change in the Digital Era. Ms. Cox holds a BA in Psychology from Harvard, an MBA from the University of Chicago, and a Leadership Coaching Certificate from Georgetown University.

Sheila in the Media


Frankie Boyer interviews Sheila on her "Biz Talk Radio" show at PRN.FM

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Dr. Duffy Spencer interviews Sheila on her "Just Relationships" show.

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Nick Lawrence interviews  Sheila on his "Straight Talk" show at WEEU Radio 830 AM

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Jack Canfield interviews Sheila on his "Speaking of Success" program.

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SAMPLE SPEAKING POINTS: The Five Secrets to Overcoming Technophobia

1. Change Your Attitude

      -- Recognize that you are smarter than any computer

2. Start Today 

      -- Learn new technology now, don't wait until it's urgent

3. Take Enough Time 

     -- You won't become an expert overnight

4. Insist on the Right Teachers 

     -- Find appropriate trainers, mentors, and support

5. Write it Down 

    -- Most documentation is awful.  Create your own.