Sheila Cox BIO

Speaker, Author, Digital Change Expert

Sheila Cox is a pioneer in the field of change management and co-author of The Technology Takers: Leading Change in the Digital Era.   Ms. Cox holds a BA in Psychology from Harvard, an MBA from the University of Chicago, and a Leadership Coaching Certificate from Georgetown University.

As a systems engineer at IBM, Ms. Cox programmed several modules of the first enterprise resource planning (ERP) system: Communications-Oriented Production Information Control System (COPICS). As her clients began to implement COPICS, she saw companies spend millions of dollars on information technology that never delivered the promised results. 

Technology wasn’t the issue – people were. 

Determined to address this challenge, Ms. Cox became a management consultant at Nolan Norton. Together with two colleagues, she created the firm’s change management methodology and consulting practice. Following the acquisition of Nolan Norton by KPMG/Bearing Point, Ms. Cox started her own firm.

Combining hands-on experience in systems implementation with deep expertise in organizational culture and team dynamics, Ms. Cox founded Performance Horizons. Her mission is to help executives implement their multimillion-dollar technology projects on time, on budget and achieve their business objectives.