Managing Digital Change

Ensure that employees adopt and embrace new business processes. 

Learn the principles of digital change while applying tools and techniques to your current change initiatives.  Develop a digital change plan to ensure your project achieves the desired business outcomes.



Assess the Human Risks of Change

Identify critical risks that could upend your project. Take action and mitigate them early on.

Many organizations fail to consider: 

  • Past successes and failures in implementing change
  • Organizational readiness vs. complexity/scope of current change
  • Sponsor effectiveness



The Sponsorship Dilemma

Do your business executives accept responsibility for building commitment to change? Or are they sitting on the sidelines waiting for IT to deliver? 

Learn the five reasons why most technology-driven changes suffer from weak sponsorship.  Hear practical approaches to address these challenges.  And walk away with practical strategies to ensure your current projects succeed.

featured practitioner


Genevieve M. Grabman

Genevieve M. Grabman certified in the Performance Horizons Leading Digital Change methodology.  Ms. Grabman is an expert on change management, governance, risk management, and strategy. Based in Washington, DC, she has  advised public, private, non-profit, and United Nations organizations  and helped draft and pass organizational policies and procedures,  national laws and regulations, and international treaties. 

Ms. Grabman  holds a master’s degree in health policy and management from Johns  Hopkins University and earned a Juris Doctor from the Georgetown  University Law Center. She is passionate about using digital-era technology and the perspectives of human rights, gender, and diversity  to achieve good governance and institutional change.