Do you - or your employees- fear new technologies?

Do you - or your employees- fear new technologies?

Do you - or your employees- fear new technologies?Do you - or your employees- fear new technologies?Do you - or your employees- fear new technologies?


The 5 Secrets to Overcoming Technophobia



Are you frustrated by:

  • Projects that meet technical objectives, but are not fully adopted by end-users
  • Projects with no effective executive sponsor or no business project manager 
  • Business managers that expect IT to "call when they are done"
  • Executives who fail to attend your steering committee meetings and send people with no decision-making authority instead

If you answered "yes", you're in the right place.

  • Wouldn't you like to have executive sponsors for IT projects held accountable for project success or failure?  Held accountable for meeting the business case objectives?
  • I have helped large, multinational company engage their business executives and complete their multimillion dollar IT initiatives on-time and on-budget, and meet business objectives

Workshop: Managing Digital Change


Ensure that employees adopt and embrace new business processes.

Learn the principles of digital change while applying tools and techniques to your current change initiatives. 

Develop a digital change plan to ensure your project achieves the desired business outcomes.

Facilitation: Strategic Planning


Is everyone in your organization marching in the same direction?  Or are they unclear or confused about why they are doing what they're doing?

Bring your executive team together in a series of sessions to develop:

  • Inspiring Vision
  • Motivating Mission
  • Measurable Goals
  • Strategic Plan with Milestones

Assessment: Human Risks of Change


Identify critical risks that could upend your project. Take action and mitigate them early on.

Many organizations fail to consider: 

  • Past successes and failures in implementing change
  • Organizational readiness vs. complexity/scope of current change
  • Sponsor effectiveness

Talk: The Sponsorship Dilemma


Do your business executives accept responsibility for building commitment to change? Or are they sitting on the sidelines waiting for IT to deliver? 

Learn the five reasons why most technology-driven changes suffer from weak sponsorship.  Hear practical approaches to address these challenges.  And walk away with practical strategies to ensure your current projects succeed.