The Technology Takers: Leading Change in the Digital Era

"This guide for managers gives tips for change leadership and transformative leadership in the digital era. Drawing on recent research and case studies, the guide presents a 'playbook' of five frameworks for establishing and sustaining technology-driven organizational change, from creating a change management function, to establishing governance of technology adoption, advocating for continuous change, training staff, and evaluating managers' embrace of technology change. The authors bring backgrounds in political science and law as well as management consulting as they explain how to avoid failed technology experiments, let go of outdated technologies, and create value through data analysis and behavior change. " -- Annotation ©2018 Ringgold Inc. Portland, OR ( 

"Projects are dead; continuous change is here. Embrace change or be left behind. Everyone needs to understand all five technology-taker plays. Read this book now." -- Tim R. Lister, Atlantic Systems Guild, United States and United Kingdom

"This captivating book helps us understand the importance of adopting and adapting to the digital-era. With engaging cases, the book shows what it means to be a twenty-first century change leader." -- Pilar Jiménez Rius, Court of Auditors, Spain

"A great read to understand the technology marketplace, the rush to standardization, inflexibility, and how to 'take' technologies more cost-effectively than you've ever acquired them before." -- Stephen J. Andriole, Villanova School of Business, United States

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