The Sponsorship Dilemma: Why Technology-Driven Changes Fail

Does your executive sponsor believe that their role begins and ends with running a project steering committee? Do your business executives accept responsibility for building commitment to change? Or are they sitting on the sidelines waiting for IT to deliver? 

Sheila Cox has experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly in technology-driven change programs. Very few are implemented on-time and on-budget. Most fail to meet their business objectives. Walk away from this session with specific action steps to ensure your project is a success.

Learn five sponsorship pitfalls of technology-driven change. Participate in an instant poll to see which pitfalls are the most prevalent and deadly among your fellow participants.  Hear successes and failures of other participants. Capture war stories from Ms. Cox and your colleagues to provide you ammunition as you educate your business executives on the risks of poor sponsorship.

Discover ways to establish, implement, and monitor an executive team contract that ensures success – even if your project has already gotten off on the wrong foot. Using a template, draft an executive team contract plan, and discuss with others for feedback and suggestions. Hear examples from the larger group, and determine your most important step for tomorrow.

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