Strategic Change Roadmap


Set Context for Change

In order to ensure that key stakeholders are in agreement on the reasons for change, Performance Horizons reviews documents and conducts interviews to identify: recent significant events, internal drivers of change, and external drivers of change.

Clarify Desired End State

Having consolidated the results of stakeholder interviews, Performance Horizons facilitates a meeting of top executives to set goals and specify where the organization wishes to go. Consensus is built on what the organization will look like following successful change. 

Define Projects and Tracks Required

Performance Horizons gathers information on projects currently underway and being considered. Cutter facilitates a strategic roadmap team meeting of top executives and selected managers to determine how to achieve the organization goals. Project tracks such as technology, workplace, processes, and/or culture are defined. Existing projects are mapped against the tracks.Following this exercise, the group determines what projects need to be added, what projects need to be modified, and what projects need to be dropped.

Set Priorities and Assign Responsibility

Next, Performance Horizons guides the strategic roadmap team in identifying project interdependencies and connections. Performance Horizons also facilitates a session on project priority setting.  The team makes recommendations on project assignments, with final approval by top executives.

Gauge Project Size

With Performance Horizons’ assistance, strategic roadmap team members assigned responsibility for individual projects describe their projects’ goals, activities, and milestones. Based upon these descriptions, Performance Horizons helps gauge project size.

Sequence Projects

Performance Horizons facilitates a meeting of the strategic roadmap team to gain agreement on project sequencing by track. Following this meeting, The output of this meeting is an overall strategic roadmap.