Strategic Change Roadmap


Strategic change roadmap development focuses on answering five questions: why change, what will the organization look like when the change is complete, who will the organization navigate the change, who will be responsible for which projects, and in what order will the projects be initiated.

A strategic change roadmap will:

  • Clarify and document organizational goals
  • Define projects required to meet those goals
  • Prioritize, organize and sequence projects
  • Set realistic timeframes
  • Gain agreement from stakeholders
  • Mobilize organization confidently toward goals
  • Provide continual coordination

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Change Risk Assessment

A change risk assessment surfaces project risks in four areas – cultural, organizational, operational, technical – that could upend the project, so that you can take action and mitigate them early on

Many organizations fail to consider: 

  • Change Implementation History: successes and challenges experienced in recent organizational changes
  • Organizational readiness vs. complexity and scope of current change
  • Sponsor effectiveness

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